"Oh Corona" - Poetry Slam im Eng­lisch­unter­richt

Die letzten Mo­na­te waren al­les an­dere als nor­mal. Auf­gaben im PDF-­For­mat, Video­kon­feren­zen statt Grup­pen­arbeit, Chat-Grup­pen statt Unter­richts­ge­spräch. Schuld war ein Vi­rus, der das Le­ben aller ver­än­dert hat. Im Rahmen des digi­talen Dis­tanz­unter­richts hat sich die 9b der KKS mit Covid-19 krea­tiv aus­einander ge­setzt und eng­lische Slam Poems ge­schrie­ben und präsen­tiert. Dabei sind Ge­dichte ent­standen, welche durch­aus eine öf­fent­liche Bühne ver­dienen - zu Zeiten von Corona: DIGITAL.




by Blerta Ademi


Don‘t forget to wash your hands.

Don‘t forget to wear your mask.

Don‘t forget the social distance.

This is where we have come to.


Teaching yourself,

keeping in touch with friends through social media,

doing sports at home

and the loneliness taking over your life.

This is where we have come to.


But something more dangerous than COVID-19 is


Fear of losing someone.

Fear of being out of breath.

Fear of losing your job.

Fear of coughing in public.

Fear of sneezing in public.

Fear of getting infected.

Fear of death.

This is where we have come to.


But we will not let it come so far.

We will not let fear control our lives.

We will not rise,

if we keep getting into fights.

Because that would only bring bad vibes.

We have to be strong.

We have to be clever.

No matter how long,

we have to remember

that we are safe as long

as we all stick together.



Covid-19 speaks to society

by Kaya Wiebe


You give me the chance to spread out

And hold the world in my hands -

For a short time.


You try to stop me and knock me out -

But you can’t

Because I am too fast,

Too cunning,

Too small.


I am sure,

Following me will be too difficult,

Because I am mean - invisibly mean.


I sneak into every country,

Into every city,

Into every place,

At all times,

And leave traces.


Mostly I leave behind

A big question mark!

You ask:

Who am I? What am I? And where did I come from?

The only thing you know:

I am sneaky.


You try to make me small by avoiding

Concerts, sport teams, football matches

And so much more.

Normal life was yesterday,

The future is me.


I destroy the economy,

Globalization is the past.

I restrict liberties as if I were a dictator -

The most hated dictator at all times.


Because of me you must stay home,

Avoid contacts,

And be alone.

You can’t stop me!

Greetings and see you!




The town‘s coma

by Lars-Benjamin Straßburg


There is a town:

once it was noisy,

once it was smelly,

once it was dirty,

once it had no sky,

made by humans

travelling without breaking through the town,

but now the town fell into a coma.


Everything changed:

it is quiet,

it isn’t smellly,

it is clean,

it has a sky,

made by the young virus,

riding as the third apocalyptic rider over the world,

telling us to change the way we use the earth.


The town is sleeping now,

waiting for a wakeup call for a new longer life,

without cars,

without pollution,

without destroyed floors,

with forests,

with a sky,

with wild life animals,

with life,

and with us as a part of the natural system of life.


Let's see the virus as a chance for change,

or the town will die soon through the old way of life,

on a killed earth,

made by humans.


It depends on us.