Shakespeare Project: Part three - "Romeo and Juliet" im Thalia Theater

Angry electro beats. Masked, dancing persons at a dubstep party at the Capulets’ mansion. Party guests wearing suits and sunglasses. Cigar fumes in the air.
The beginning of thalia theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s probably most famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet surprised us and amazed the audience. An impression that did not leave any of us during the whole play, be it due to the modern setting, the lavishly staged crowd scenes or the background music – melancholic or cheerful – performed by Anja Plaschg (Soap&Skin) which made an outstanding contribution to the play’s atmosphere.
It was above all the authentic performance of the whole ensemble that did not only fill us, but – judging by the standing ovations given at the end – the whole house with enthusiasm.
Particularly the performance of Julian Greis, playing Mercutio, is reason enough to spend two and a half hours watching the play.
One thing is certain: Jette Steckel’s production is not everybody’s cup of tea since the characters’ remarks are sometimes quite coarse. But those who want to experience Shakespeare’s – well translated - original (which is from time to time much dirtier than one might think!) and who are open to new, unconventional ways of doing theatre will surely have a good evening.

Marc Kramhöft und Maximilian Buss (12s)